The secret of youth Arina Sharapova

The secret of youth Arina SharapovaWomen tend to hide their age, especially when the numbers are the "rolls" for 35. But Arina Sharapova, on the contrary, is proud of: she's turning 50 years old! We can only envy: because she is much younger!- I have a secret - says Sharapova. - One day the priest in the Church said to me, have less to sin and will look younger!Arina admits he does not allow himself evil thoughts and deeds, and because there is no extra wrinkles on the face. Not so difficult, agree? Maybe worth a try, because this "correct" behavior is much cheaper than any plastic surgery.Photo source: Source: the Secret of youth Arina Sharapova. . . Читать полностью -->

Kandelaki took a job in a Bank

Kandelaki took a job in a BankTV presenter Tina Kandelaki has joined the Board of Directors of the Kirov Vyatka-Bank, RIA Novosti reported.Meeting of the shareholders on 22 April chose Kandelaki on the Board of Directors that consists of seven people. What exactly Kandelaki will engage in the Bank, not reported.According to the Vyatka-Bank, its largest shareholder is the Cyprian company "Ovidius holding limited with share 90,57%. In addition, 7.57% of the Bank belongs to the Kirov region.Vyatka-Bank was established in 1990. Since the beginning of 2008 the largest shareholder of the Bank through the specified Cypriot company is a member of the Board of Directors of the Bank Grigory Guselnikov. Source: Kandelaki took a job in a Bank. . Читать полностью -->

Stars celebrate the national day of lovers of marijuana

Stars celebrate the national day of lovers of marijuanaIn California Smoking marijuana almost legal. on 20 April they celebrated something like a National day of lovers of the weed. On this occasion, the publication Hollyscoop presented a list of "star smokers".The emergence of this holiday subculture, otherwise referred to as 4:20 (Four Twenty), is associated with a group of teenagers from California town of San Rafael. It was in far 1971. They called their secret group Waldos, because a secret place, where they were going to smoke weed was at "the wall behind the school." Waldos is an acronym of this phrase, only, of course in English-wall outside the school.Waldos had appointed their meeting at the statue of Louis Pasteur, which was located near the building of the school. This usually occurred at 4:20 PM. Читать полностью -->

Gurtskaya recorded a song for the project `dancing with the stars`

Gurtskaya recorded a song for the project `dancing with the stars`Diana Gurtskaya recorded in a London Studio song on the project "dancing with the stars".The authors of the music and lyrics for the single "Dancer in the Dark", which translated into Russian means "Dancing in the dark", are the composers and poets who work with Celine Dion.In London I not only recorded the song, but still plenty rested after the project, - has shared with "Z" charming brunette. - Plus we were lucky with the weather. I went into a t-shirt, while in Moscow it was snowing with rain. Source: Gurtskaya recorded a song for the project "dancing with the stars"". . . Читать полностью -->

Lady Gaga arrived at the `Grammy` in the giant egg

Lady Gaga arrived at the `Grammy` in the giant eggPop singer Lady Gaga arrived at the ceremony of the Grammy awards in a giant egg, according to Reuters. Singer hiding out in a special egg-shaped case, brought several assistants, dressed in Golden suits.Accompanying Lady Gaga explained to reporters gathered at the red carpet and waiting for the appearance of the singer, the star can not communicate with the media, as is the "incubation period".USA Today reports that shortly after arriving in an egg, Lady Gaga "hatched" out of him on stage. According to reports, the singer was out of eggs still on the red carpet, but then she was unable to do so because it got stuck, and then on stage it made in a different, more pliable egg. She got out of the box and performed her new song "Born This Way".Lady Gaga is nominated for six Grammy awards, received three awards of the American Academy of a sound recording. So, the singer won the award for "Best female vocal in pop music", "Best short form music video (video for the song "Bad Romance") and Best album with vocals in pop music" (album "The Fame Monster").Music awards "Grammy" was held on the night of February 14 Moscow time. All awards were given in 109 categories. Читать полностью -->

John Galliano arrested in Paris for anti-Semitism

John Galliano arrested in Paris for anti-SemitismBritish designer John Galliano has served as artistic Director of French fashion house Christian Dior, was detained in Paris.As reported Agence France-Presse with reference to local police, the fashion designer has been arrested for anti-Semitic comments and the alleged attack.According to the source Agency, the incident involving Galliano occurred on the right Bank of Paris, in the prestigious area of Mare. Police arrested the designer after he was allegedly rude to a couple sitting on a cafe terrace. What was the reason which has induced the designer to Express to the couple, is not yet known.To date, 50-year-old John Galliano was let go as long as he will not be officially charged. The Agency does not review the designer about the incident.John Galliano began his career in 1985 when he released graduation fashion collection, inspired by the French revolution. Soon he presented his first collection for British fashion week. In the 1990s, Galliano moved to Paris in 1995 he became creative Director of fashion house Givenchy, and in 1996 he went to work at Dior. Читать полностью -->

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